color & co. beauty salon


It all started whenโ€ฆ

In 2018, Ben & Dominique opened Color & Co. Beauty Salon. When envisioning their dream salon, they knew they wanted a place that was the ultimate, A-list experience for the client. One in which creativity and beauty thrived and went hand-in-hand. The foundation of Color & Co. Beauty Salon is the result of hard work, perseverance, and love that was infused into the core of the salon.

Color & Co. Beauty Salon was created with the client in mind. When deciding upon the layout, look, and feel of the salon, Ben and Dominique wanted a custom environment & unique experience that reminded the client that they are loved, valued, and beautiful. They knew their clients were forever embedded in the very fiber of Color & Co. Beauty Salon and created Color & Co. Beauty Salon to make each clientโ€™s salon experience to feel like the first time, every time!